Friday, March 9, 2018

RootsTech 2018~An Opportunity to Research and Re-Connect

It's been a few days since I returned from Salt Lake City after attending RootsTech 2018.
To say I have been a bit tired is an understatement! The trip was busy, fun, exciting and rewarding!
Conference days were packed with classes, interviews, exploring the expo hall and connecting with new and old friends.
This was my second year as an official ambassador for RootsTech and I enjoyed every minute!

I arrived a few days early to research in the Family History Library (a bonus to having Rootstech just down the street) and spend time with my best friend!

Re-connecting with friend Annette to start my trip to Salt Lake City!

I began my trip with a day of research in the Family History Library. My time was spent on both the U.S. and Canada floors. My goal was to locate information for a couple of clients.

Ready to Research at the Family History Library

What can you find? Books on states, counties and countries, families and histories. Maps, microfilm, online records accessible only in a family history library and more!
Do you have photos to scan? The library has machines to scan them in record time!
There are also volunteers to help you with your research, copying machines, and a lunch room if you need to take a break! Lockers are also available to store your belongings as you move from floor to floor looking for records on your family.

Main Floor Family Discovery Zone

Taking a timeout, I headed downstairs to the main floor and spent time in the Discovery Center.
If you have the chance to be in Salt Lake, make sure you try out this fun interactive family history experience. By logging into your FamilySearch account, on the provided tablet, you simply dock it on the spaces provided in various areas. Images and information about your ancestors are shown as well as a fun list of those you are related to. These can be anyone from those who are currently visiting to founding fathers and celebrities. How fun it would be to discover you have a cousin connection with someone who is also in the room!

A Map of Where My Ancestors Came From

A fun day at the library. It always goes by too fast. 
Luckily, I would be able to spend more time during the next week before the official start of RootsTech!

One of My Favorite Paintings in the Family History Library

Have you been able to research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City?
Did you make any big discoveries? 
If you haven't been, why not? 
Here's a link to help you plan your trip!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Helping you climb your family tree,

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