Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday's Children~The Two Nellies

Nelly Pearl Booth the Granddaughter of my maternal Great Great Grandparents, Bertrand Campbell Price (1876-after 1922) and Bessie Mae (Eargle) Price (1878-1943) only lived 55 days. She died from acute allergic colitis as a result of poor feeding and was buried in Graniteville Cemetery, Aiken, South Carolina.

Nellie Pearl Booth
Graniteville Cemetery, Graniteville,Aiken, South Carolina
©Cheri Hudson Passey
Nellie Pearl Booth Death Certificate

What could cause an infant to die of malnutrition in 1927? 
The death of her mother. 

Nellie Pearl (Price) Booth
Graniteville Cemetery,Graniteville, Aiken, South Carolina
©Cheri Hudson Passey

 Nellie Pearl (Price) Booth (1910-1927) died from Eclampsia not long after giving birth to her namesake. She was only 16 years old. To be more specific, her death certificate says she was 16 years, 4 months and 17 days.
A child having a child. 

Nellie Pearl (Price) Booth Death Certificate

Infant, Nellie, couldn't survive without the nourishment from her mother. Was she not able to digest the milk they were trying to feed her? Perhaps she was too weak from her birth. She may have been born early due to her mother's Eclampsia. 
There must have been so much sorrow with both losses.

Burial Plot for Mother and Daughter
Graniteville Cemetery, Graniteville, Aiken, South Carolina
©Cheri Hudson Passey

  This Wednesday two Nellies are being remembered.
A child bride and her child.

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  1. They are remembered....Great Photos as well. I always love to honor the babies on my Blog. Great Job.

  2. This is an extremely sad story.

    It makes me grateful for the times we live in. Our grandson was dying of malnutrition and they couldn't figure out why. Finally they discovered he was severely allergic to most of the foods he was eating and drinking (including milk!). Food allergies cause actual damage to their insides. Because of his allergies, he wasn't able to digest and use the nutrients. He was in one of the best children's hospitals for 3 weeks and they finally figured it out and our story has a happy ending. The Drs. told our daughter they thought he was going to die, and in earlier times, I am sure he would have.

    1. I had a son that wouldn't nurse or even drink from a bottle very well. If it wasn't for the Dr.,he too may have ended up dying. Yes, we should all be grateful for the medical care we have today. Glad to know that your grandson is OK. Thanks for reading and sharing your story, Michelle!