Thursday, March 24, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday~


 When my paternal Great Grandfather, John McSwain Hudson (1880-1961) died, this book was found.

The Story of the Bible
Charles Foster (edition unknown)
©Cheri Hudson Passey

        Did the book belong to John, or his second wife, my Step-Grandmother, Margaret Ann "Annie" (Thames) Hudson (1875-1960)?

Margaret Ann (Thames) Hudson
©Cheri Hudson Passey

   No owner,s name is written in the book, but there are names of others throughout, including some younger members of the Thames family. 
 The book may have been used to help teach youth about the stories of the Bible. Perhaps the markings, underlined passages and names attached to certain sections are from Sunday School lessons being taught by Annie. One of the notes is dated June 1927. 
Inside Front Cover
The Story of the Bible
©Cheri Hudson Passey

   A picture taped to the front of the book is of a group of people outside of a store. The establishment was said to have been owned by Annie's brother Horace McWeaver Thames. This picture may be of his family and employees.  A banner for Red J. Tobacco is above the door.
  On the right-hand side, the stitches can be seen where someone took great care to sew the book back together. A few of the pages are missing, including the publisher information.

Picture inside front cover
Possible Horace McWeaver Thames Family
©Cheri Hudson Passey
 Along with newspaper clippings about Bible verses, and the remains of once pressed flowers, there is a Christmas gift tag to Uncle John from a Thames niece, Willie Mae.
Gift Tag
Inside Bible Stories Book
©Cheri Hudson Passey

      Although her name is not written as the owner of this book found among the possessions of John and Annie Thames, many of the things found in it lead to Annie being the owner. 

 This well-worn book, with it's binding sewn together is a treasure and a glimpse into the life a woman who married her sister's-Louvina Blanche (Thames) Hudson (1886-1918)-husband after her death following childbirth. She marked scriptures and may have taught them, saved flowers and gift tags, and passed down a family picture for future generations. 

 What treasures do you have that give you a glimpse into your ancestor's lives?

Are we kin? Please contact me. Together we can find our people.
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Colleen! I am so glad that it wasn't thrown away.

  2. What a blessing to have these treasures! Did the sister's (Louvinia) baby survive?

    My husband's mother's paternal grandmother died in 1915 due to complications of childbirth. This grandmother's birth name was Johnnie Cooper. She married Elias Wallis Roberts. Though they were both born here in Texas, I have been led to believe that they also had South Carolina ties.

    1. Her baby was my Grandfather Benjamin Allen Hudson (1918-1976). Love that you have ties to SC! I have a Roberts family from Richland County, SC.

    2. Her baby was my Grandfather Benjamin Allen Hudson (1918-1976). Love that you have ties to SC! I have a Roberts family from Richland County, SC.