Sunday, March 6, 2016

Celebration Sunday~Genealogy Happy Dance!

You know the dance. You know you've done it. The one every researcher does after finding something new. The one where you want to jump up and down and shout to everyone around that you found the document, contacted a cousin who has the family Bible, made a DNA connection or found a whole new branch to your tree. The one that is met with glazed stares and eye rolls.
                                                          Celebration Sunday is a place to share your discoveries.
This is a weekly series to enable everyone to tell about their Genealogy Happy Dance moment. This can be done by scrolling down and adding your story to the comments section. You may also put a link to a blog post.

                                                                           Let's celebrate and dance together.

                                                                                A No Eye Rolling Zone!

My Happy Dance for this week:
I revieved a message through from someone who may have a DNA match. There are no surname matches from my tree, but there is a surname that has been rumored to possibly be the biological paternal line of my Great Grandmother. There may be something to the rumor after all!

                                                                                        Share your discover

                                                                                    Let the dancing commence!

Are we kin? Please contact me. Together we can find our people.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. On Leap day I found three books on the Internet Archive and had to share on my blog so others can find their ancestor and dance the genealogy dance.
    Two more great things happened the same day but I have to keep them secret for a while. ~ Cathy

    1. Cathy, Congratulations on your find! Not only are you doing the Happy Dance, but you put it out there so that others can find the resource to discover their own ancestors! A very special Happy Dance indeed!! And? A secret find? Can't wait!!

  2. Through some Find-a-Grave memorials I set up a few years ago, a second cousin found me! Neither she nor I had been in contact with our mutual branches of the family, so we are thrilled to find each other! The best part is that we found that we only live an hour away from each other! ~ Your friend in #genchat, Christine (aka @geneapleau)

    1. Christine, that is fantastic! It's always great to connect with a cousin, but to have them so close is even better! Thanks for sharing! Got my dancing shoes on!