Wednesday, January 14, 2015

52 Ancestors:Week 2~Kings in the Family?

   The theme for week two of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2015 Edition is: King
      Since there are no royal connections that I know of in my family tree  I decided to search my data base for the surname King. Sure enough there were some and they could be direct ancestors!
        My paternal 5th Great Grandfather, Lt. John Frierson (1727-1797), married a woman named Margaret (1731-1800) before 1760. They were from the part of Georgetown District of South Carolina that later became Williamsburg County, South Carolina.
     I descend through their daughter Janet Frierson Smith (1760-1834) and, as is the case often during this time period, their daughter Margaret Frierson Frierson (1769-1838) as well.  (Yes, Margaret Frierson married a cousin-a first cousin.)
  So, where does the name King come in? Well, Margaret, who married Lt. John Frierson, is said to be Margaret King, the daughter of William King (__-1764). William was the son of John King (1724-__).  Other records have her listed as Margaret Smith. Still others have her as Margaret King Smith Frierson.  In each case the dates of birth and death, marriage and residence are the same.

Martha King Pedigree Chart
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   Unfortunately, there are no sources cited with any of the varying names given to the wife of Lt. John Frierson in information mailed to me, in published works or on line. Was she a King who married a Smith and then John Frierson? 
   Much more research will need to be done to find out if I truly have Kings in the family.

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  1. Oh that time period in America is so hard -- deeds, wills, land grants, and hopefully DAR or SAR applications. I sure can be frustrating!

    1. It sure can! Hoping to be able to find something though. Have already started looking at DAR! Thanks so much for reading my post and taking time to leave a comment!

  2. Good answer to the theme! In my research, typically when I find 2 different surnames for a woman, it usually means she married twice.

    1. Thanks, Wendy. She probably did marry twice. Now I just need to find the proof!