Wednesday, December 21, 2022

GenFriends Genealogy Chat Show: Southern Claims Commission Records with Shelley Murphy


The panel Melissa Barker, Dan Earl,  Mary Kircher Roddy, and I welcome our friend Shelley Murphy to talk to us about what's happening at the International African American Museum in Charleston, SC, and help us learn about the rich information that can be found in Southern Claims Commission Records.

Watch as we learn what the Southern Claims Commission Records are, where to find them and what types of information they contain. Melissa finds an example from her county in Tennessee to show us as we recorded!

Have you used Southern Claims Commission Records in your research?

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Links in this episode:


Check back for a link to Shelley's video. It has not been posted on YouTube yet.

Here are some of the slides:

Thanks to Shelley for allowing me to post these!

Contact the Panelists:

Melissa Barker-A Genealogist in the Archives

Dan Earl-Family History Guy

Shelley Murphy-Family Tree Girl

Mary Kircher Roddy-MKR Genealogy

Cheri Hudson Passey-Carolina Girl Genealogy

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