Sunday, January 3, 2021

This Week On My Family History Calendar


January 3~
     My maternal step second great grandfather, James Lewis Williams (1872-1937) was born 148 years ago in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina.  

 January 4~
  Mary Baker Hudson (1920-2010) my paternal Grandmother died peacefully at her home in Scranton, Florence, South Carolina 11 years ago. She was buried in the Sumter City Cemetery, Sumter, South Carolina.  I miss you, Mimi!

January 6~
    Benjamin Reese Gibson (1824-1907) and Margaret Cantey (Walker) Gibson (1830-1900)my paternal  3rd great grandparents were married in Clarendon County, South Carolina 173 years ago. He was 24 and she was 18.

January 8~

    Just two days after her 52 wedding anniversary, my paternal 3rd great grandmother, Margaret Cantey (Walker) Gibson (1830-1900) passed away. Margaret was 70 when she died 121 years ago in Clarendon County, South Carolina.

 January 9~

   My maternal great great grandparents, Manning David Dorrity, Sr. (1844-1918) and Mary Elizabeth (Stafford) Dorrity (1843-1930) were married 153 years ago.  They were married in Sumter County, South Carolina.  

Who are you remembering this week?

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