Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Join the 21 Day Family Connections Experiment: A Family History Project

 Join the 21 Day Family Connections Experiment: A Family History Project

Starting October 1st in honor of Family History month, participants from around the world are taking part in a 21-Day Family Connections Experiment by making daily connections with their families, past and present, through simple and engaging activities.

"Our mission is to inspire more happiness through increased family connections," said Taralyn Parker, assistant project manager. "Through this online experiment, we are showcasing the benefits of family history and highlighting that there are so many fun and easy ways to do it."

Created during the world-wide pandemic by a group of family historians, a psychologist, and college students, the Family Connections team decided to measure the psychological benefits of increasing family connections during times of crisis, stress, or even personal struggles.


"There are lots of stories that I've heard about my family that have helped me," said Quincy Walker, a college freshman. "Some of my family has gone through similar experiences that I have, and reading how they got through their trials gives me hope that I can, too."


In May, over 5000+ worldwide participants of all ages took pre and post mood surveys as part of the first experiment.  While not a controlled scientific study, the results did indicate that doing family history several times per week had a positive effect on mood.  In addition to traditional genealogical tasks, other family history activities were encouraged. These family-friendly activities include discovering and sharing stories of living relatives and ancestors, playing family history games, learning quick and easy genealogy tools/apps, recording and sharing your own unique stories, and more.

"I love how the experiment reaffirmed to me that doing family history is not 'another thing' to do, it can be part of your life in small ways every day," said Lyn Wroe, a participant and volunteer from Brisbane, Australia.

This same experiment will be replicated in October with a growing number of participants from Ecuador, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Africa, and across the United States. This experiment will include over 100 new family connection activities that will be released in our new Connections Idea Generator, as well as 4 new plans with daily connections ideas built to appeal to a wide audience from homeschooling parents to Gen Z participants and even empty nesters.

The experiment is conducted virtually by individuals from their own homes, but all have access to activities, expert interviews, and how to's via the web-site and social media pages/groups.

 Find out more at: www.connections-experiment.com

Photos/video available upon request.

Media Contacts:

Olivia Jewell, Founder, hello@connections-experiment.com , 435-764-6000

Taralyn Parker, Assistant Project Manager, taralyn.parker@gmail.com, 801-815-7650

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Join me and others from around the world as we celebrate 21 Days of Family Connections!

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