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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun- Lifespans of Your 3rd Great Grandparents

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Each Saturday, Randy Seaver issues a challenge on his GenaMusings blog.
This week's challenge is:

1)  We each have 32 3rd great-grandparents.  How did their birth and death years vary?  How long were their lifespans?  

2)  For this week, please list your 32 third great-grandparents, their birth year, their death year, and their lifespan in years.  You can do it in plain text, in a table or spreadsheet, or in a graph of some sort.

Here are the ones I have information on. The years depict their age at their death.

1-Thomas McRady (1821-1896) 74 years
2-Mary (Brown) McRady (1821-1894)  73 years
3-William J. Dority (1820-abt. 1897)  About 60
4-Martha (Mathis) Dority 1820-1905) 84 years
5-James C. Stafford  (1815 to before 1870) About 61
6-Marina (Mathis) Stafford ( 1815 to after 1880) About 65
7-Thomas Phillip Roberts (1830-1893) 62 years
8-Eliza Atiza (Brazell) Roberts (1836-1890) 52 years
9-James Brazell (1827-?)
10-Nancy (Dial) Brazell (1831-1910)  Age 79
11-Adam Price (1847-     )
12- Sallie (?) Price birth and death unknown
13-George David Eargle (1827-1886)  Age 59
14-Elvira America (Booth) (1834-1898) Age 64
15-Jones Early  Birth and death unknown
16-Fanny (?) Early Birth and death unknown.
17-William A. Martin (1813-1887) Age 74
18-Matilda C. (?) Martin (1812-1876) Age 64
19-Alpheus J. Baker (1824-1917) Age 93
20-Mary Ellen (Jones) Baker (1826-abt, 1865) About 40
21-Samuel J. Bradford II (1815-1875)  Age 60
22-Mary Alice (Dargan) Bradford (1825-1875) Age 49
23-Jacob Hudson (1788-1870) Age 82
24-Mary (?) Hudson (1810-1889) Age 79
25-Henry John Smith (1807-1849) Age 42
26-Martha Julia (Epps) Smith (1808-1854)  Age 46
27-Thomas Lemuel Thames (1827-1863)  Age 36
28-Rebecca Hannah (Stukes) Thames (1830-1870) Age 40
29-Benjamin Reese Gibson (1824-1907) Age 83
30-Margaret Cantey (Walker) Gibson (1830-1900) Age 70

The average lifespan of the 25 great-great-grandparents I have birth and death information on is 64.  They range from 36-93.
The woman's average lifespan is 62 years and the men's 66.

Two of my 3rd great-grandparents remain unknown and 5 have incomplete information for their birth and deaths. Looks like I have some researching to do!

What is the average lifespan of your 3rd great grandparents? 

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