Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Week On My Family History Calendar

Aug. 17-Aug.23

Aug. 20~

 Mary Jane Brown McRady (1821-1894), my maternal 3rd Great Grandmother,  would have been 193 years old on this day. Jane was from the Sumter County, South Carolina area and may have been born there as well.

My paternal 3rd Great Grandmother, Matilda C. ________ Martin (1812-1876), was born, possibly in the Iredell County area of North Carolina, 202 years ago Matilda's maiden name is unknown to me at this time.

Are we kin? Please contact me! Together, we can find our people!
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  1. What a coincidence to have 2 3X great grandmothers who shared a birthday.

  2. That's one of the great benefits of putting together the calendar every week. Helps me notice things I probably wouldn't have! Thanks, Wendy!

  3. August 20 must be 3x Great Grandma Day in your house. ha!