Sunday, December 22, 2013

Blog Caroling-Jolly Old St. Nicholas

  Recently my Mom told me that my Dad had a request for my children to learn the song Jolly Old St. Nicholas for our family's annual Christmas Eve program. The reason why? Because he remembered his Mother,Mary Baker Hudson (1920-2010), singing it. 
 Now, I don't know what version she would sing but I found this 1949 version on youtube. My father was born in 1941 so perhaps she was familiar with it and sang it to her children.

Merry Christmas!

© Cheri Hudson Passey


  1. Cheri, I have never heard this fun Christmas song before. Thanks for including it in the Blog Caroling line-up! WOW! When was the last time I saw an LP (Long Play) or 33⅓ rpm vinyl record? Lawd, it has been awhile I tell you . . . LOL! Before I retired out of the classroom, I took an old LP to school and the kids all chimed in saying, --"Ms. Harris, I didn't know laser disc came in black!" ROFLMBO!!! Again, thanks for the Christmas memories!

    Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Liv! It's so funny how kids have such a different view of the world!! Have a wonderful Christmas!