Thursday, February 14, 2013


John Allen Hudson and Brenda Roberts Hudson
Wedding Day 2 July 1959

William T. Roberts  and Buelah Mae Price
William T. Roberts and Beulah Mae Price Roberts
Wedding Day 28 June 1914

Azile Daughrity Roberts Sullivan  Frank E. Sullivan Jr.
Azile Daughrity Roberts Sullivan and Frank E. Sullivan  Jr.
Honeymoon May 1952
Married 18 Mary 1952 in Camden, SC

Benjamin Allen Hudson   Mary Baker Hudson
Benjamin Allen Hudson and Mary Baker Hudson
Married  6 Feb. 1938 in Turbeville,SC

Azile Daughrity Roberts and Gilbert Ernest Roberts
Azile Daughrity Roberts and Gilbert Ernest Roberts
Married  6 Oct. 1940 in Lancaster, SC

George Philip Roberts   Hattie Brazell
George Phillip Roberts and  Hattie Brazell Roberts
Married  Abt. 1884 in Columbia,SC


  1. Nice wedding photos. It's great to have so many of them.


  2. I am grateful to have the pictures. I love them. Thanks for stopping by Betty!

  3. Lovely photos! Happy Valentine's Day Cheri!

  4. What a treasure to have all these pictures. They make quite a parade of happy couples! I couldn't help trying to piece together the generations from the names, like a giant puzzle. Hm...two named Azile Daughrity Roberts, 12 years apart...I can feel myself cooking up theories! Very nice Valentine's Day post!

    1. Mariann,
      My Grandmother Azile was married first to my Grandfather Gilbert Roberts. She was widowed a month before their 4th anniversary when Gilbert was killed in action in WWII.
      Frank Sullivan,Jr. was her second husband and wonderful Grandfather to me!
      Thanks for reading my blog!

  5. Another set of beautiful pictures, perfect for Valentine's Day. See you soon in Salt Lake. :)

  6. I enjoyed your picture gallery of loving couples.