Thursday, March 28, 2013

Celebrating Women's History Month- Grandmom's Friends

Blog Prompt for Day 28:

Do you remember your grandmother's best friend? How and where did they meet? How long were they friends? What activities did they share?

 My Grandmother, Azile Daughrity Roberts Sullivan (1921-2009) grew up on Church St. in Sumter, SC.  She lived there from the time she was born until she got married in 1940.
  Roller skating, hide and seek, blind man's bluff and jacks were some of the games she told me that she used to play with her neighborhood friends. In High School she was on the Women's Hockey Team, in the Sewing Club,Cooking Club and Photo Club.
   I have several pictures of Grandmom with some of her friends. I wish she had written who they were on the back of the photons. By the time I found them, Grandmom had been suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's for several years and it was too late to ask her. 
Hopefully someone will recognize her friends and be able to identify them for me.
  I do know that two of her closest friends were sisters named Be Be and Marguerite  I am not sure of their maiden names and I have tried to label them correctly in the pictures.
 Marguerite and Grandmom remained friends throughout their lives. They both married and lived in Camden, SC where they got together frequently. I remember going to Marguerite's house as a child.                                                                                

Azile Daughrity on the left laughing with friend Marguarite
© Cheri Hudson Passey

Azile Daughrity in the middle with friends Be Be.(left) and Marguerite (r)
© Cheri Hudson Passey

Azile Daughrity in the middle of two friends
© Cheri Hudson Passey

Azile Daughrity on the front left, friend Marguerite next to her, sister Loretta Daughrity third from left.
Others not known.
© Cheri Hudson Passey

Azile Daughrity Roberts Sullivan on the Right with childhood friend Marguerite
Beach Trip 1968
© Cheri Hudson Passey

Seeing these pictures and the fun Grandmom is having with her friends brings back memories of her smile and laugh.  How I miss those! 

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© Cheri Hudson Passey

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  1. What great photos! In the first one, your grandmom Azile and her friend having a great "bonding" laugh! That's my favorite picture. B. B. and Marguerite really resemble each other in the 2nd pic. And two guys appear in the 4th pic! Your grandmother must have been a person who could enjoy life, after all her hardship. She had a lot of friends!

    I wish I had known either of my grandmothers. But my mom and dad were both the last children in their families, so when I was child, time had swept away all my grandparents except for Grandfather William.

    I found some more surnames in our family that might be in yours: Hickman, DuBose, Croft, Capers. I can't believe we aren't somehow kin!