Wednesday, April 29, 2020

GenFriends: Jewish Genealogy with Special Guest: Lara Diamond

GenFreinds welcomes guest Lara Diamond who talks to us about Jewish Genealogy and Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Lara speaks about the journey of finding her Jewish ancestors and helping others find theirs. Lara Diamond is a well-known speaker and writer on the topic of Jewish Genealogy Methodologies.
Watch as Cheri and the panel, Melissa Barker, Dan Earl, Laura Hedgecock, Mary Kircher Roddy, and Shelley Murphey as Laura gives tips on researching in Jewish records and shares her thoughts about Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
Lara's Jewnealogy
Holocaust Museum 
Holocaust Remembrance Day
FamilySearchWiki/Jewish Genealogy

Contact Our Panelists:
Laura Hedgecock-Treasure Chest of Memories
Mary Kircher Roddy-MKR Genealogy
Cheri Hudson Passey-Carolina Girl Genealogy

Do you have Jewish ancestors?
What have you discovered about them?
We'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Very interesting and informative. Well done!

  2. I found this really interesting as I nothing of Jewish genealogy

  3. Finding the information on the Eastern European ancestry is not that easy indeed. No matter what the ancestors' religion was.

  4. This was so interesting! I had always heard that we had Jewish ancestors but I couldn't find anything about them. For a long time I blamed the system and the lack of records but, as I did more research, it turns out I'm simply not Jewish and assumptions had been made based on geography.

    1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing and for watching!