Sunday, March 4, 2018

Relative Race-Getting the Scoop at RootsTech!

Season 3 of BYU TV's Relative Race begins on Sunday, March 4.
I'm ready to watch, are you?

The TV is set to the right station on the Roku and I have my snacks. Luckily episode 1 airs before I need to get to the airport to fly home from RootsTech,

Speaking of RootsTech, the expo hall had two of the cars used in season 3. 
 I had the opportunity to sit in the green and red cars.

Sitting in Team Green's car

On the top is what the camera is seeing!

Team Red's Car!

I was also really excited to hear that two of the teams were coming to the media hub on Friday afternoon and we would be able to talk to them.

Team Green-Jamie Grace and Morgan

Team Red -Troy and Nicole

And outside of the Salt Palace? All four cars!

Team cars for all 4 Relative Race teams!

Dan explains a little about how they show comes together.

A Dan impression!

Sharing an amazing song!

After meeting with Dan and the teams, I am even more excited for season 3!

Do you watch Relative Race? If not, you are missing out!

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