Saturday, July 23, 2016

SNGF: Playing Along With Randy~What Are the Top Locations In My Tree?

Tonight's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Randy Seaver is to use our Genealogy Management Program to discover how many places we have in our family tree.

 Using Legacy Family Tree's Statistics information, I was able to get a list of the Top Nine locations in my tree.
 For those of you who are familiar with my research, you won't be surprised at all.
 Drum Roll Please
 The Top Nine are:
1) South Carolina, United States    222 
2) Sumter County, South Carolina  201
3) Clarendon County, South Carolina  111
4) Williamsburg County, South Carolina  86
5) Columbia, Richland, South Carolina  81
6)Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina   69
7)Richland County, South Carolina 63
8) Aiken County, South Carolina  61
9) Lee County, South Carolina  50

Surprised? Didn't think so!

According to the Location Statistics Chart, there are 454 Unique Locations in my tree.  
Most of these are in the Carolinas. Yep, again, proof that I am a Carolina Girl!

What are the top locations in your family tree? Visit Randy's blog, Geneamusings, and play along!!

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  1. Very nice post! My locations study tells me, when I checked for North Carolina, that the only people with those locations were connected by marriage only. I have no direct lines that come out of North Carolina.

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment, Mary!