Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oh, the people I met !

    Attending NGS2014 was a fantastic experience. I learned so much and set some new goals.
    Meeting lots of great people was one of the very best parts of the conference. Recognizing each other from FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter  pictures was so much fun!

Twitter Board at NGS2014
Photo Credit:J.Paul Hawthorn
   I wish I had taken more pictures. The days were just going by so fast!

Here are some I did take:
Lisa Alzo

Jenny Lanctot

Shannon Combs-Bennett

Josh Taylor

Jen Baldwin

Dear Myrt

Colleen Pasquale

Next Gen Group
Janie Darby, Barry Kline, Shannon Combs-Bennett,
 Kim Jordan, Jen Baldwin, Josh Taylor, Melanie Frick

   There were many others who sat with me during lectures and luncheons, talked to me on the bus and in the hallways. They gave me advice, support and became a friend.

  Why didn't I get a picture with Charlotte Bell, Bernice Bennett, Shelley Bishop, Rorey Cathcart, Susan Clark, Cheri Daniels, Terri Fraser, Paul Hawthorn, Tonia Kendrick, Wendy Mathias, Linda McCauley, Angela McGhie, Maureen Taylor, Judy Russell and many others? Hopefully, we will see each other soon and I can get those pictures!

   It was also fun to run into the people from the Grand Strand Genealogy Cub and those that I know from my South Carolina Genealogy FaceBook groups.  

Thank you all for helping to make my experience this year so wonderful!  

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©Cheri Hudson Passey


  1. I attended thinking it's once in a lifetime because Richmond is close to home but now I want to attend next year too. It was great to meet you.

    1. Why didn't I take a picture with you Wendy?! Did you get one? Seriously can't remember! So good to meet you! Would love to go next year, but don't think I will be able to.

  2. It was so nice to meet you, Cheri!

  3. Great to meet you too! Thanks, Melanie!

  4. It was very nice to meet you Cheri and have lunch with you at the NEHGS luncheon. Hope we meet at the next one!

    1. Lunch was fun! Great to meet you! I hope it won't be too long before I can attend another conference. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post, Paul!

  5. Cheri, very glad we were able to meet in person! The blogger dinner was fun & the sessions were full of information. I'm sure we'll run into each other again.

    1. So much fun! Glad to have met you too! So sorry you had to leave early though. Hope all is well with your family and that we do get to meet again soon!