Saturday, May 24, 2014

Honor Roll Project-Horry County,SC Vietnam Memorial

      Heather Rojo of Nutfield Genealogy has issued a challenge once again this Memorial Day. She is asking Bloggers to take a picture of and transcribe names from a War Memorial in our local area. The blog posts will be added to her Honor Wall Project, an ongoing effort to make veterans names available in search engines on the internet.

      On behalf of my Father, John Allen Hudson, who served in Vietnam and has lived the past several years suffering from the effects of his time there, I would like to add the Horry County, SC Vietnam Memorial to the Honor Roll Project.
     This Memorial, which was dedicated on May 25, 1985, can be found in Conway, Horry, SC in front of the old courthouse on the corner of Elm and 3rd Avenue.

Vietnam War Memorial


  Vietnam Veterans of Horry County Acknowledge Our Fallen Comrades

PFC Bellamy, Simmie, Jr.         2-26-66
CAPT. Sawyer, Johnnie P.         6-10-66
LCPL Beverly, Willard F.           9-8-66
LTJG Carter, William T.            11-10-66
SSGT Burroughs, Ulysses G.      2-5-67
SGT Gore, Horace Roscoe         5-18-67
LCPL Martin, Buddy Ray          7-10-67
SSGT Collins, Claude L.            9-2-67
PFC Lance, John Henry            10-27-67
PFC Best, Neal Ira                    11-20-67
CPL Reaves, James Louis          12-4-67
 PFC Bryant, James Roy            2-23-68
SP4  Hinson, Ronald Douglas    4-16-68
PFC  Brown, Wilson Boyd         6-29-68
SSGT  Spivey, Willie Dalphus    11-5-68
CPL   Wasilow, John Stephen    11-24-68
PFC  Hucks, Lloyd Junior         2-8-69
HM3  Todd, Carl Edward          3-25-69
PFC Skipper, Michael Ray        4-22-69
SP4  Keith, Willie Lee               10-20-69
SGT Faison, Everson B.           11-14-69
CPL Mincey, James Marshall   11-21-69
PFC Hardee, Joseph Edward    12-8-69
CPL Jordan, Larry Leon           3-24-70
SGT Chestnut, Leland McLane  5-10-70
SSGT Huggins, Eugene            6-23-70
AN   Moore, Jack Donald, Jr.   3-14-71
SP4 Edge, James Hampton      3-5-66
PFC Rabon, Joseph Levern      11-21-66
PVT Colter, Kenny Lawrence   2-16-68
SSGT  Thomas, Pearley J.       2-16-68
PFC McDaniels, Billy C.         11-19-68
PFC George, Hezekiah            6-3-66
WO  Taylor, J.A. "Tiny"         8-26-68

Back of Vietnam War Memorial

CPL Richardson, Jimmie Jenkins   8-27-68
SGT Chandler, Thomas Leroy        2-23-70
CPL Medlin, Jackie Monroe          11-27-68
SP4  Jerry, G. Jordan                    1-29-95

 Are there War Memorials in your area? If so, please take the time to add their names to this project. Working together we can make sure these brave men and woman are never forgotten.


  1. How wonderful Cheri that you took the time to make sure these men's service was never forgotten! Thanks too to your father for his service to our country. May we who enjoy our life today because of him and others, never forget their sacrifice!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! So glad to have had the opportunity to do it! The best part? My 14 year old daughter helped me! I appreciate you taking time to read and comment!