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GenFriends-Season 6: Day 8! Families Reunited and Saying Goodbye to Team Black

Day 8 of Relative Race was a big box of tissue episode!
This week on GenFriends, Cheri and the panel, Melissa Barker, Bernice Bennett, Kathryn Lake Hogan, and Shelley Murphy discuss the Golden Ticket allowed Team Black's JD to meet more family and the emotions of the remaining teams as they raced to meet those waiting behind the door for them.

On Day 7, Team Black received their third strike and were out of the race, but thanks to the "Golden Ticket" given to each team, they were able to meet one more relative on Day 8.
J.D. met his Aunt Linda, his father's sister. It was a warm and emotional meeting as Linda welcomed him into the family and shared a photo album she had put together with pictures of her brother Steven. The resemblance between J.D. and his father hit everyone hard. J.D. remarked that he looked at a photo and said, "I don't remember taking that" because it looked just like him when he was a child. Tears flowed as Linda told stories about Steven and then took Team Black to the cemetery sh J.D. could see where his biological father was buried.  He remarked that this was not closure, but the first step in his new life with his new family.

The Teams received a text from Team Black saying:
We are a  little bit GREEN with envy,  a little bit BLUE with sadness, and a lot of RED with love with you all!

We will miss Team Black in the race but are so grateful for the examples they have been on the show and their willingness to allow us to go on this journey with them!

Team Blue started the day preparing for the adventure to come when they discovered a map was missing! Turns out, their relative's dog had been chewing on it! lol!
Luckily, it turned out they didn't need to map to get to their nest location!

Before Team Red left from Ray's brother's home. Lemont helped Ray add the last two names on his pedigree chart.  After receiving the blank chart on Day 2, it was finally filled in.

DeShae says goodbye to her biological father and receives a letter from him sharing his love and support. It must have been so hard for Team Greem to leave but a new relative awaits!

The Challenge on Day 8 was "We Think NSYNC". Each team heard a phrase and had to write on a tablet the end of the phrase and see if they matched! Hilarious!
Some examples:
My Name is ______________.  Ray wrote "John"! Who's John??
Fly in the ______________.   Anitra wrote "cheese"! lol!
Batten Down the _________. Nicole wrote "ball" hahaha!

After 10 correct matches, they were off to meet their relatives.

Anitra met her Uncle Kevin, her mother's brother. He was so happy to meet her and felt as though he had a piece of his sister with him again. He shared photos and mementos from her life. He gave Anitra a shirt that once belonged to her mother and a photo of her parents together. She felt it make them more real to her.

Nicole met her first relative on the race! Her paternal cousin was able to share photos of her father she had never seen before and tell her about her paternal grandparents and other relatives.

When DeShae went up to the door to meet the woman waiting for her, we all were waiting in anticipation of the words she said. " I am your mother".  Wow! The look on DeShae's face was priceless as she was able to meet the woman who's name she only had on a baby bracelet.
Debbie was able to share the story of why she gave DeSahe up for adoption and in turn, DeShae was able to thank her for her choice. To top it all off, it was Debbie's birthday!
Tears for Team Green and for all who watched!

Again, the Skype call as all the teams met with Dan at the end of the day was emotional. They expressed how much they missed Team Black and shared their new relatives with each other. Again, they showed how close they have become throughout the race and how much they support one another.

The results were in and we were all hoping Team Red would not recieve their third strike.

Coming in first and winning the Day 9 benifit of having another team pull over for 5 minutes was
Team Greem! This assures them they will make it to Day 10!
Second place went to Team Red, keeping them in the race another day
And Team Blue came in third giving them their second strike.
All three teams will go to Day 9!

Team Back left this message for each of the teams:
" If in our last moments we can share something with the other reams, we really hope you get everything you want out of this -every single thing, and if not, we want to be there to help, waiting in the wings to fill in those holes that didn't get filled on this journey.
We love you, fast friends, chosen family"

Click to watch as Melissa, Bernice, Kathryn. Shelley and I discuss the show!

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